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About Us

Our company is established in Kenya and is one of the leading personal guiding companies in the country. We are set up to provide a very personal service. You will be dealing directly with the people who benefit directly from your visit. You won't get closer than that. Our years of experience assures you will be in the most capable hands for your once-in-a-lifetime adventure and we shall make your holiday experience with us absolutely unforgettable.

What We Are: 

Excellent Staff & Team Leaders

We pride ourselves on having excellent staff and team leaders, who have worked with us for many years - that`s why Go To Mount Kenya is so popular!

Attention to You and Your Safety

Each assignment is a project in its own right - your team, our team and the mountain. The size of our team is directly related to the number on your team. That way we ensure the correct level of attention to you and your safety.

Fantastic Time

We hope you will contact friends who have traveled with us before. Indeed most of our business comes from referrals so we know the value in you having a fantastic time.

A Great Deal More

You will certainly meet me and you will meet some of the people on our web site. We have worked together for many years and know and trust each other implicitly. Hopefully, you will know a great deal more about us when you leave Kenya.

What We Are Not: 

We do not take assignments with very big groups. It just doesn’t work for us in giving you some personal attention. We would be happy to recommend companies in Kenya who do provide that kind of service and they are very good – it’s just different.

We do not do speedy trips where a group wants to climb a mountain in 3 days when it should take 5 days. That doesn’t work for us either. Too quick and not much fun. This is Africa and the pace suits the altitude and the relationship that we will have with you and that we currently have with the mountain. In this case, we do not recommend others who race to the top as our view is that it is dangerous.

If you have something very personal that you would like to do with your group then we would happily work with you on that.

Mountain and Plain

Climb Mount Kenya or Mount Kilimanjaro and then take a safari trip. Our guide will stay with you through both trips and work with the two different teams required to get you to the special places.

Mountain and Mountain

If you are up for it why not go for two peaks – Mount Kenya and then Mount Kilimanjaro – and if you have the time we can also take on Mount Rwenzori in Uganda.

Mountain and Village

Why not spend a day or two in an African village. You can help out with our crafts, or with cooking or rounding up cattle. That will be something to tell your friends when you get home – and will give us something to talk about as well!

Go To Mt Kenya`s Social Responsibilities.


GoToMountKenya has created informal employment opportunities for many young Kenyans who have now got something to do with their time. Most of us have young families and have to work hard to improve our lives. In a rough estimate, a group of five climbers going up the mountain supports about 30 family members directly and indirectly. . .

By doing a trip with us you help the citizens of our country, who reside in the rural areas, uplift their standards of living. You also give us a chance to do something about conserving the environment which is ultimately our livelihood.