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Coming on a trek with us is not for the faint-hearted. You need to be fit and not over-weight and if you can take a little hardship from sore feet (!) then you will have the holiday of a lifetime.

You won't be uncomfortable. Sleeping arrangements are in tents or huts and they are clean and dry. The food is basic but excellent - our cooks should get Michelin stars but those chaps never come our way!

If you enjoy a beer or a spirit then we will take some with us. And there is plenty of water.

Higher up there are no showers but we still wash although we forget shaving! Sometimes it rains but the sun always shines afterward. It will be bitterly cold at the top but you will be well geared for that and the sunrise on top of the world will be what you remember most.

If none of this appeals to you then read no further and pass our web address to some of your adventurous friends! But don't let that put you off a visit. We have lots of links to our friends who provide luxurious trips through Kenya and they will be delighted to look after you.

If seeing parts of Africa, and meeting and living with Africans appeals to you then read on.  We look forward to your visit.