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We're ready to solve any problem...give us a shout

Want to Make a Booking?

Or perhaps just some further enquiries

If you would like more information about any of our trips please email me, Evans Mwangi, at:

If you would like to email one of our previous clients for a reference then please let me know.

For a Quotation:

If are ready to explore with us then email the following to me:

  • Names of your group members

  • Age of each person

  • Male/Female

  • Fitness Level (very fit, reasonably fit, not great)

  • Dates of travel

  • Combinations of trips (Mountain with/without a Safari)

  • Would you like to finish with some fun (Overnight in a Village, A few days on a Beach)

  • Would you like us to book your first and last night in Nairobi?

I will send you a quote for your group in whatever currency you prefer.


If you are happy with that then we request a 40% booking deposit.  Balance is to be paid prior to departure.


After we receive your deposit we will send you detailed information about your trip, including a check-list of items you MUST bring, some items that you should bring, and items that you can buy more cheaply here in Kenya.

Your Arrival

You will spend your first night in a Nairobi hotel so you can get your feet and head back together again after your flight. We will meet after breakfast and off we go!

Old Dollar Notes

When traveling to East Africa, please ensure that all your U.S. Dollar notes are newer than the year 2000, as old notes are difficult to get rid of, even in the Banks.

Simple Booking Form

    Your Choice of Tour

    Number of Guests

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    Prices & Pricing

    We have published guide prices under each heading of Mountains and Safaris. There are also prices for more complex itineraries, such as climbing two mountains or rock climbing.

    Booking Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro climb:

    Chatting is good! We recommend that you start a dialogue with us. Give us some indication of dates, the size of your party, ages, and what trip or mix of trips appeal to you. You will get a fixed quotation and once you place a deposit that becomes a fixed price.

    We do not cover the following in our quotations.

    • Airfares from your country to Nairobi so we suggest you start by picking dates that get you the best prices from the the discount travel agents.
    • Your first and last nights in Nairobi - although we are more than happy to book those for you.

    Email me for a quotation. It's the best way to begin. Also see "About Us/Booking" to get started.

    Please read our Terms & Conditions Here