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, Mount Kenya trekking & climbingThe existence of high mountains in East Africa was known to Europeans as far back as the first century A.D by a Greek merchant during a journey through inland Kenya.

These mysterious mountains, Mt Kenya and Kilimanjaro were a point of curiosity and controversy for European explores for centuries due to the existence of snow on these twin equatorial mountains. This reality was at first rejected as the mountains were thought not high enough to have snow. No wonder then that even the communities living around them greatly deified these mountains!

Both Mt Kenya and Kilimanjaro are wild mountains in a very wild continent, awe- inspiring and offer a route for every level of trekker and climber. It’s not surprising that trekking on these mountains is high on many travelers priority list. Very few people return from this trek unmoved by the experience of gazing at Mt Kenya or Kilimanjaro.

As you might imagine, it’s every travelers dream to get to the top. It’s a superb experience to enjoy the spectacular view of the wild Africa below captured from the highest points on the African continent…it’s a memory that money simply can’t buy!

Come, enjoy, trek, climb and rediscover what it’s like to be in awe.