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We are an extended family with different duties to help you have a wonderful time - head helper, porters, cook.

Carrying the gear, tents, and food is our main task and we like to get to the next camping place before you. It's easy for us - we have been there before and we are used to lugging big packs up a mountain.

You would not find it so easy because of the heat and the altitude, particularly as we reach the higher plateaus. So don't feel bad about our poor backs . . . if you do not come we won't be able to climb. Then we would have to stay at home with our wives and then what? You could be the cause of marital breakdown, African style!

None of us liked the photographs of our portraits in the next section. Evans took them so he is to blame. We are really nice quiet people who just want to make sure you have a great time. And unlike in the photographs, we smile a lot!

GoToMountKenya has created informal employment opportunities for many young Kenyans who have now got something to do with their time. Most of us have young families and have to work hard to improve our lives. In a rough estimate, a group of five climbers going up the mountain supports about 30 family members directly and indirectly. . .

GoToMountKenya has a group of 20 helpers. By doing a trip with us you help the citizens of our country, who reside in the rural areas, uplift their standards of living. You also give us a chance to do something about conserving the environment which is ultimately our livelihood.

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