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We really wanted to inform you, that we had a great time on the mountain. We were really well looked after and could enjoy every single minute whilst on Mt Kenya trek. Frances is a very skilled cook and we felt like being served in a five star restaurant every single day. The porters, Samson, Harrison and Peter were always good for a laugh and really helped us getting up the mountain by carrying all the necessary equipment as well as much of our stuff.
Daniel always made sure that we could enjoy the hiking to our best. He explained the routing, made sure that we would drink enough and didn’t hike to fast uphill. He calculated perfectly well the time needed to be on the peak for sunrise. He was always very friendly and helpful and we can’t think about a better guide to spend five days on Mount Kenya with.

Once again, we had an unforgettable five days on the mountain and this is to a great amount due to Daniel, Frances, Samson, Harrison and Peter!!! Please inform them once again about our contentment and thank you for organizing everything in such an uncomplicated way for us.

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